Because of our great success connecting with people during the pandemic (click here to learn more), we were inspired to do more.

We are raising money through the Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley, to grow a big ol’ pile of “STASH CASH” for non-profits, which we will distribute to causes that are in alignment with our vision of a better world.

Click here to donate now online.


Send your tax-deductible donation to:

Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley
P.O. Box 7057
525 North Main Street
Gunnison, CO  81230

Memo on check: STASH CASH!


We do want to help with everyone’s events however, due to the overwhelming amount of non-profit, profit groups and individuals looking for donations in Crested Butte and Gunnison It’ s almost impossible to donate to everything. In an effort to try and help all groups
The Secret Stash will be able to help everyone looking for donations with a popular way to raise money and fundraise with “Secret Stash Restaurant Night”

*** Sorry we can no longer donate cash, gift cards, gift certificates, merchandise or food.

Here’s how it works: The Secret Stash donates a percentage of the night’s total of Food and Non- Alcoholic Beverages sales of all the customers that your organization or cause brings in. They will need to tell the server they are here for the event. They simply order off of our regular menu and that’s it. Simple.

The “Secret Stash Restaurant Night” fundraiser requires virtually no planning and very little investment from you or your group. You basically need to advertise your event to receive the 10%.

Once you have made plans and picked a night or day for your event, you need to get the word out so that people show up for your event. The “Secret” to having a successful “restaurant night fundraiser” rests with you. You must advertise the event to your members or to the community to make sure they show up. Ensure a large turnout by asking your members to encourage family, friends and the community to attend.

  1. 1.)  The Secret Stash will donate 10% of Food Sales and Non-Alcoholic Beverages to the group.
  2. 2.)  Dine In Only. TOGO and Delivery is NOT included in program.
  3. 3.)  Members of group can not work behind counters
  4. 4.)  Hours for a Dinner Event 5-9pm
  5. 5.)  It is limited to your group. You will not receive a percentage from everyone who dines during your time frame.
  6. 6.)  You must let your server know you are there for the event.
  7. 7.)  Only the regular menu will be available.

There are certain restrictions to what dates we offer:

  • We offer Sunday- Thursdays as the days to choose from.
  • AVAILABLE: Spring Off Season (April 8 – June 7)
  • NOT AVAILABLE: Summer Season (June 8 through September 30)
  • AVAILABLE: Fall Off Season (October 1 – December 13)
  • NOT AVAILABLE: Winter Season (December 14 through April 7)
  • Percentage Check will be mailed within 10 Business Days.
  • If Interested please fill out the form below.


This form will give us all the details we need for your event. We will be in touch to confirm details. Thanks!

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